bad breath in child

Bad Breath in Child

What Causes Bad Breath?

Tonsil Stones - Smelly white globs in the back of your throat that can be "coughed up".
Post Nasal Drip - When excess mucus drains to the back of your throat.
Dehydration - When you're not drinking enough water.
Bad Breath in Child - Your child's breath stinks. We'll tell you why and how you can make sure your children have fresh breath.
The Mental Effects of having Bad Breath - having bad breath can alter your mood, your confidence and even your speaking mechanics.

Bad Breath Scams! Products that don't work and we'll tell you why.

Breath Mints - You shouldn't have to constantly suck on or eat an entire roll of breath mints to feel like your breath is fresh. They don't work.
Gum - Are you constantly chewing gum? Did you know that chewing cum in some instances can make your bad breath problem even worse?
Mouthwash - They say that tingle feeling is your mouthwash killing germs so why is it your breath still stinks?

child halitosisChildren get bad breath too. More than likely, you're here because you have noticed that your child has bad breath and you want to do something about it. The sooner you help your child have to stop having bad breath, the better.

I was a child with bad breath. My father would make mention of it. He would tell me my breath smelled like "feces" and that I needed to go and brush my teeth. The problem was, many times I had recently brushed my teeth and even used mouthwash.

This had an effect on my confidence as a child. I became very aware of my halitosis during my childhood. I found myself staring at playmates while talking and playing to see if they noticed that my breath was offensive. This is pretty twisted for a child to have to worry about this at such a young age. It can be very damaging and embarassing if your the chiild that's known to have the "smelly breath".

As with adults, chicldren can have bad breath because of many reasons. There are also additional factors that can play into your child's halitosis.

  • Poor saliva flow at night
  • Poor brushing habits
  • Not flossing
  • Tooth Decay
  • Sinus Infection

Bad breath in a child is rarely caused by an actual medical problem, and is most often the result of poor dental care. TheraBreath is the perfect solution for curing your child’s bad breath. Child dental products feature flavors, sparkles and many other bells and whistles to “make brushing fun,” but these products also make brushing dangerous. Most commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes are labeled with a government warning due to the potentially harmful toxins and poisons used in these products.

An excellent resource for all the many causes of bad breath in children is in our Bad Breath Bible which you can download for free. This is a priceless informative ebook on halitosis.

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